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Information on the Universal Periodic Review's follow-up

UPR Info & Child Rights Connect relased an information sheet for NGOs on the Universal Periodic Review's follow-up.

A Website on Mali's Human rights situation

Mali : a website on the monitoring of the implementation of the recommandations accepted by this country following a UPR session.

On the 2013 UPR session Mali has endorsed 112 out of the 125 recommandations which were formulated by members of the Human Rights Council. Now, the next important step is to make sure that those recommandations shall be implemented.

Prohibition and the elimination of corporal punishment of children

The prohibition and the elimination of corporal punishment of children remains a concern in several parts of the world.

Although 46 States prohibited any corporal punishment of the children and that at least 50 other States began to prohibit it, there is still a lot to be done elsewhere.

This remains a current issue in a certain number of states where the Universal Periodic Review of will set their overall records in the field of human rights.

A new portal to UN system websites

A part of the UN Department of Public Information's ongoing "2015: Time for Global Action" campaign, a new website is now available (in English, soon in all 6 official UN languages.

Youth advocacy toolkit: The Education We Want

This advocacy toolkit, produced in partnership with A World at School and the Youth Advocacy Group of the Global Education First Initiative, has been developed for young people, by young people.

Packed full of ideas, tools and inspiring stories, the resource helps children and youth to effectively advocate for their right to an education.

Civil society Follow-up Kit 2014

UPR-info has worked to make available to civil society «a kit which aims at providing an explanation to civil society on how to fully engage in the UPR follow-up process. It presents the tools that stakeholders should use when following the Review, as well as the actions they could initiate.

Bilan de la mise en oeuvre par la Moldavie des recommandations de l’EPU

UPR Info has released the Mid-term Implementation Assessment (MIA) on Moldova. The MIA is based on information received from all stakeholders. It details whether recommendations were fully, partially or not implemented approximately three years after the Universal Periodic Review. It is a quick overview of the implementation of recommendations and a way to prepare for the next UPR as well.

UPR's new training material for civil society

UPR Info makes available to the civil society a new training material made by the Carter Centre - Democratic Republic of Congo intended to be use by the trainers before the Universal Periodic Review. This extensive documentation aims to provide all necessary information for a UPR successfull action. The users of this pedagogical methodology will then be able to understand the overall aspects of UPR and take advantage of all opportunities regarding this process.

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